The Fall 2016 publication of The Issue is out!! by Sarah Leber

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The Photographer's Collective of Hunter College just released its Fall 2016 publication of The Issue!! In case you don't get a chance to see the physical copy here is a link to a digital version. This is the Fourth one released and we are so happy to present many young artists as well as some of the professors/artists teaching at Hunter College.

A Little Story of My 2 Moms by Sarah Leber

A friend started a Mexico-based fashion, style and woman's issues website back in August, 2016 called Malvestida and asked me to write a piece about growing up with two moms. She explained to me that there had been negative press about the issue in Mexico and would like to provide a counter point from someone who had grown up with same-sex parents. Here is my story. 

The English Version   

The Spanish Version